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Te research-scientific activities of IA are carried through scientific projects, research activities on the field, researches in archives, organization of scientific meetings and through publishing activities.


Scientific projects

After six decades of intensive research work, allthough with some interruptions, the IA has achieved a great number of collective and individual projects in the fields of linguistics, literature, history, folklore and ethnology. Most of the projects carried out are published separately, in monographs, abstracts, the IA periodicals and so on.

Within the field of Linguistics, there have been projects from lexicography (several bilingual dictionaries and orthographic dictionaries published, dialectology, language culture, onomastics etc. In Literature there were projects from history of literature, literary criticism and theories, as well as studies of individual authors and literary periods. In Folklore there was the joint project of publishing the folk materials in 27 separate volumes as well as many monographs. Within the department of History there have been several archeological projects and other historical projects dealing with diverse issues, starting from medieval ages to present day Albanian history. Within the Ethnology department there were projects dealing with the Albanian culture, their rites and customs.


Research-Scientific Fieldworks

Research-Scientific fieldworks are organized both collectively and individually. The collective ones are organized in different zones of Kosova and other Albanian lands, mainly those where the material and cultural heritage is preserved more. After the war in Kosova, there are organised some common fieldwork research expeditions with colleagues from simmilar institutes in Albania and Macedonia who explored linguistic and ethnografic materials in specific regions. Thus IA has realised 6 collective expeditions with research institutes in Albania and Macedonia. In those collective field trips groups of scientists of different profiles, experience and age take place, in order to enable, apart from field research and gathering of material, also a heterogeneous experience within the group, enabling the very participants of the field trip to exchange opinions. The field trips are always done with transportation and recording equipment.

The materials gathered in the field trips are handed to the Archive of the Institute and then evidenced and examined in order to serve as future reference for studies. Apart from collective field trips there are also individual ones, where research scientists go to the field trip to study specific issues of phenomena. These are also supported from the IA.


Symposiums, Sessions, Conferences, Round Tables

The research and scientific work of the IA staff is presented also through different public presentations such as symposiums, sessions, conferences, round tables etc. In these presentations, the results of research and studies conducted are made public. Depending on the issue examined in the presentations, these presentations are conducted in terms of scientific symposiums, round tables or otherwise. Scholars and researchers of different professional profiles participate in them and present results of their reasearch activiteties. Recently, since the year of 2010 Institute of Albanology is organising annually multidisiplinar tradicional activity called The Week of Albanology, where except its reasearchers are participating wellknown researchers from the region and more.

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