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The Archive

The archive collects, processes and preserves the material gathered in the fields. Almost the entire treasure of spiritual and material culture of the Albanian people, gathered by IA staff or other contributors, is to be found in this archive. Before the war there were 863 files registered containing over 100 thousand archive units from different fields of Albanology. A good part of this material is published in the publications of the Institute. Materials registered in tape reels are of very special importance. Due to unsuitable conditions for their preservation, especially when the IA was forcefully made to withdraw from its building, parts of archive material have been damaged. Thanks to the aid of donors, a part of those is recorded in CDs.

During the NATO bombing, when the Serb military troops were utilizing the building of IA to shelter from the bombs, the science archive was severely damaged. There are entire files of external scholars and contributors missing ever since, volumes of series of old publications and reels with recorded material.

Today the archive has many damaged files of their scientific staff, 112 of external contributors and 135 damaged ethnological units. In spite of the current poor condition of the archive, the endeavors to revive and enrich it are growing, especially through organizing new group and individual field trips and widening the network of external contributors.

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